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Ira Shapira

Illinois Headache Resources - Dr. Ira Shapira

Ira Shapira has been utilizing neuromuscular dentistry for over 30 years to treat TMJ disorders, headaches, migraines and sinus pain. Dr. Shapira is a dentist whose philosophy of care leads to more than just a pretty smile. Cosmetic dentistry is one of his specialties, but more and more his practice has come to focus on the tremendous health benefits that can come from a smile that blends form and function. The founder of IHateCPAP.com, a nationwide network of dentists dedicated to educating patients about the dangers of sleep apnea and the treatment options available, he says, "I used to merely practice cosmetic dentistry, but now I find I am changing people's lives."

His interest in sleep apnea treatment began with his son's treatment for the condition.  He felt that people needed to learn about sleep apnea, and he decided there should be more treatment options available.  This intensely personal origin to his interest in sleep apnea is responsible for his treatment attitude:  "I like to think of my patients as though they were members of my family.  I want them to have the quality of care they can appreciate and that I would expect for myself or my family."

The same spirit has inspired him to found iHATEheadaches.com, a website that can help people get in touch with local dentists who can resolve the most common form of headachestension headaches


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