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Welcome to iHATEheadaches, an online resource designed to help you find ways to combat chronic neurological pain that affects you and those around you. iHATEheadaches is more than a site to find a doctor who can help you. This is a site that you may use as an educational tool where you can discover all you need to know about the kind of headache you may have. Armed with knowledge, such as statistics, patient stories, causes, and treatments, you will be able to get beyond the pain and back to living your life. 

At iHATEheadaches, we understand the kind of pain you are going through. The pain that keeps you from rising from bed or going outside has a cause. You may have even gone to a specialist to seek treatment to no avail. Many people in pain and desperate for an end to their headaches will look to CAT Scans, powerful medication and more to help them. Very few will look to a dentist who is able to find a solution through neuromuscular science. Our site is designed to assist you in taking the first steps of pursuing neuromuscular education, diagnosis and treatment.

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By reading through the pages of iHATEheadaches, you should be able to find some answers that will lead you toward freeing your life from pain.  In the event you do not find the information you are looking for on our site, please feel free to contact our dentists for more information

Dr. Shapira was recently published on his findings related to the TMJ and TMD. His article sheds light on the this highly controversial disorder and connects ties between TMD and behavioral issues as well as health concerns. The circadian rhythms associated with sleep that can affect overall health can be impacted by TMD. His article shows that TMD patients see changes in their normal chemical balance including growth hormone, thyroid hormone, insulin resistance and cortisol. Read the rest of the article here.